CATEGORY: History / Social Studies

US Government and Civics

Course Access: Lifetime
Course Overview

Course Overview

The MIA US Government and Civics course introduces students to the fundamental principles the U.S. Constitution is based upon, and how our government is run today. Throughout this course, students will study the founding of our country, how and why the American Revolution began, and how the law of our land was formed. They will also learn about the rights and duties of American citizens.

This course includes:

  • unlimited and limited government
  • Underpinnings of the Constitution
  • Formation of the Constitution
  • Overview of the Constitution
  • Checks and Balances. It examines the different branches of government and how a Bill becomes a Law
  • Analysis of Federalism, the Supremacy Clause in Article 6, and how State and Local Government are structured.
  • Bill of Rights and Amendments
  • Supreme Court Cases
  • Political Participation, Political Parties, and the Election Process
  • Democracy and Civics