About Us

Magnet International Academy

MIA is one of the largest online schools in the state of Minnesota. We are everywhere where there is internet access, we offer a better learning approach supported by effective assessment methods which are trusted by both students and parents as well.  

Reasons students choose online lessons to include:

  • Need for a flexible schedule
  • Desire for a quicker or slower pace
  • Regular one-to-one help from a licensed teacher
  • Elimination of peer distractions during the educational time.
  • Safe, easy, and best approach for accelerated learning purposes.

Any student from anywhere in the world is eligible to enroll in MIA  for those who can submit legal school report cards for the previous academic year.


Teachers are available for help during regular school hours or by appointment; each teacher has set aside specific chat hours for immediate help. Teachers utilize chat, phone, email, and a shared-screen program as needed to communicate with students. They want to meet students where they’re at and help them complete their courses successfully.

Each student is assigned as a student support specialist, and they are the main point of contact for families and oversee attendance compliance.

Magnet International School at a Glance
Mission Statement

To deliver quality educational supplies, support learners get education online as well as equip students for success by developing and delivering highly effective digital learning through an online learning accelerator online platform.

Our Core Values

To be able to lay the foundation for our student-centered focus as we grow and achieve together.  Create easy access accompanied by high achievement. Energize and guide our team members in their daily pursuits of our mission and vision.

Our Vision

To address Individual based learning all over East Africa and Lead online education worldwide with innovative digital solutions that individualize learning for each student.